Make Ends Meet Year-Round

Whether you are unemployed or just looking for a side job to supplement your monthly income, seasonal jobs emerge as an interesting and practical alternative. As the name implies, seasonal work is the name given to those activities carried out only during a certain part of the year. It can be a season (such as summer jobs), a few months, or even a certain number of days when it’s necessary to reinforce the staff (during a big sale, for example).

Although you are only hired for a certain period, nothing prevents you from excelling in your role and joining the permanent staff. But the main benefits of seasonal jobs are the possibility to keep your resume updated and “alive” (especially if you haven’t had a job for a while), the fact that you work with flexible schedules, and, above all, the chance to gain experience.

Discover the four most common types of seasonal works out there and submit your resume right now – these guys are always hiring!


An industry quite popular during the warmer days at beaches, swimming pools, and summer camps. But it is also possible to find options during the winter in ski resorts, for example. It’s a great option for those who live in a place with popular tourist attractions or beautiful landscapes, whose movement usually doubles and even triples during the high season.

To get a chance in this industry, send your resume to hotels, resorts, and restaurants before the season starts, as they always need extra staff to work as chefs, waiters, cleaning staff, etc.

If you prefer to do something on your own, you can take advantage of your skills and offer services aimed directly at tourists: offering yourself as a tour guide to show them the city or an instructor in seasonal sports such as surfing and skiing.


The COVID-19 pandemic proved the importance of food and package delivery crews, who kept working while others stayed at home. They’re necessary all year round, but certain businesses may need some extra help with delivery in certain seasons, especially during the holiday season or the week before Christmas.

Sometimes it’s not even necessary to know how to drive a vehicle to get a seasonal job in this area. Delivery companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL often hire delivery helpers who travel with their official drivers to help with work during busy times (check their website and look for openings). And some stores prefer temporary employees who can deliver packages by bike or on foot to escape the crowds and traffic jams.

Since the COVID-19, more and more restaurants and fast-food chains are turning to couriers to take care of orders placed online or over the phone, so keep an eye on this niche market as well.


The construction industry often relies on seasonal workers, but professionals with outstanding performances may be invited to future ventures by the same company. The busiest times are during autumn and spring, when the number of construction sites increases to escape the hottest or coldest days of summer and winter.

Although most construction jobs are for laborers or maintenance workers, people that already have some experience in the area can get more targeted jobs. For example, as vehicle/heavy machinery operators, construction site guards, and even installation technicians for certain equipment.


Retail stores always need help during the year’s busiest days, such as Black Friday, Christmas week, or Valentine’s Day. If you check the websites of major chain stores, you will surely find a lot of ads looking for seasonal workers to lend a hand. But if you live in a big city, you can head straight to the stores with your resume during the busiest seasons of the year and hopefully get hired on the spot.

The advantage of this industry if you’re looking for work is the variety of jobs you can get in the same season. Stores are always looking for store managers, cashiers, salespeople, assistants, cleaning staff, security staff, people to work on specific marketing and advertising campaigns, etc. You can even get a chance to make some money dressing up as Santa Claus or his helpers during the Christmas season!

The Gateway to Your Next Job

Not all candidates do well with seasonal jobs. The turnover of workers is very high during some seasons because of people who give up in the middle, so you have a chance of getting a job even if you start looking for work later.

Seasonal work can be the perfect opportunity for you to try a new job. If you don’t like it, the job has an expiration date anyway; if you like it, you can work hard to get noticed and hired permanently. Either way, seasonal jobs can serve to acquire new skills and as a gateway to a permanent job.

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