Most people wouldn’t approve of you consuming beer and burgers at 7 am on a Tuesday. But nobody will bat an eye if you mention that you will partake in such activities with a morning Modelo and some fries at the airport.

Reason being, airports aren’t reality; they’re akin to parallel universes where all the norms that often govern people are thrown out the window. Those activities that we’re usually judged for, like getting drunk first thing in the morning or having Burger King for breakfast, start to become the standard.

Contrary to popular belief, getting blind drunk at the airport isn’t the only option for bidding travelers looking to pass the time. So, in today’s guide, we’re assisting you in finding ways to make those long airport waits enjoyable, minus the layover that comes with a hangover! 

Fine-Tune Your Vacation 

Learn the Language

Learn some basic words in the language of your destination before you go. Communicating with locals, whether to ask for directions, order meals, or welcome them, may greatly enhance your travel experience and help you form bonds with them. For easy and fast language learning, use apps or pocket guides. 

Travel Journal

One way to remember your travels is to write them down in a diary. Jot down noteworthy events, reflect on your experiences, and capture transient thoughts. Writing in a journal has several benefits, including providing a therapeutic outlet and preserving precious memories for future enjoyment

Whip Out the Smart Device 

Streaming, Podcasts, Social Media, and Music

Like at home, watching TV shows or films online is the best way to unwind and pass the time.

Netflix, Hulu, Apple+, and Prime Video, anyone? (Raise your hand if you have access to all four of these streaming services) With so many choices, it’s hard to choose just one, but with a wide variety of content always available, kill time with your favorite movies and shows, including comedies like Baby Reindeer, documentaries like The Jinx, and historical dramas like Vikings.

While social media may be a real bore at times, it also offers live entertainment, which is great for those long airport waits. Social media is a terrific method to kill time; just pick any site that captivates you, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, LinkedIn, etc.

Listening to your preferred music or podcasts while waiting for your flight is the perfect way to pass the time at the airport. Load up your phone with various playlists or subscribe to a service like Spotify so you may sing along to your favorite songs (ideally in your inner voice) while you wait. 

Gambling on the Move

Online gambling may be an exciting choice for people who are looking for a little thrill. Thanks to the abundance of mobile casino games and slot machines, you can experience the excitement of gambling while on the move. 

Remember the importance of responsible gambling, and consider taking advantage of promotions and bonuses found on sites such as Caesars Online Casino for added incentives.

Entertainment & Amenities


Although airport shopping might be pricey, it often offers a wide selection of stores to peruse. Shopping is fun, and even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s still a good way to kill time.

Using any extra cash, you may have to buy a thoughtful present for a loved one you want to see while on vacation, which is a good use of that money. Alternatively, you can pick up a present for someone you care about on your way back home. 

Food & Drink

Even while airport cuisine isn’t generally up to Michelin standards, it’s a terrific way to fill up (both physically and mentally) on a flight.

Is the thought of missing your flight making you anxious?

This isn’t for everyone, and I know it’s what we’re trying to avoid earlier in this blog, but it’s perfect for people who prefer to unwind… Have a drink before a flight; there’s nothing wrong with an occasional beer or glass of wine; just be mindful of those extra rounds!  


Club Lounge

If you fly a lot, getting admission to an airport club lounge through an airline’s rewards program could be a good deal. Take it easy on the plush seats, enjoy some delicious food, and forget about the flight delay!


You may still suffer from sciatica from that one time you tried to sleep in an airline chair. The good news is that many airports are installing state-of-the-art sleeping pods and exclusive sleeping areas where passengers may pay to rest. 

If you can find a suitable location, grab some Z’s, and let the time fly with dreams about the beaches that await. 

Brain Training & Creativity 


Getting books digitally through services like Audible is a breeze. Honestly, though, we do want to disconnect from technology while we’re away from home. If you’re looking for something to read at the airport that won’t strain your eyes, try a classic paperback.

Interested in resting those eyes? Listen to some audiobooks! You can find free audiobooks using your mobile device!  


Drawing or doodling is a great way to release your creative side. Writing has therapeutic advantages that anyone, regardless of skill level, may experience. When you draw or paint, don’t be afraid to let your mind wander or use images from your trips as inspiration.