Leon Cathedral

León, Nicaragua ‎

There’s one sightseeing attraction the streets of Leon have no shortage of and that is centuries old colonial churches. Simply wander down the sultry streets near the city’s center and you’re bound to run into one. I love old architecture and historical sites, probably because there are so few where I’m from. Leon is home to more colonial churches per capita than any in Nicaragua with more than a dozen notable ones. Want to see the 5 neatest in the city? Keep reading!


1. The León Cathedral

Cathedral of León

Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption – Built in 1814 this 200-year old cathedral is the largest in all of Central America and a World Heritage site. Having survived earthquakes, volcano eruptions and a civil war its age and history are on proud display located in the heart of the Leon. This a great starting point for touring the city, exploring local foods or checking out the nearby street shopping markets.


2. Church of La Recoleccion

Church of La Recoleccion

Iglesia La Recoleccion – Covered in a dark and well-worn yellow facade La Recoleccion’s exterior makes it the most beautiful in the city. Built in 1786 it’s also been restored, thanks in part due to Spanish & Italian funding.


3. Church of El Calvario

Church of El Calvario

Iglesia El Calvario – Located 5 minutes walk down central street from the Leon Cathedral. El Cavario is perched above the street and has a flamboyant exterior that demands attention from a distance. The bright yellow facade between the red brick bell towers feature painting of biblical scenes.


4. Church of San Felipe

Church of San Felipe

Iglesia de San Felipe – This one dates back to 1685, occupying a large block. Appears to have been for lower-class worshipers.


5. Church of San Francisco

Church of San Francisco

Iglesia de San Francisco – Located just a few blocks West of the Leon Cathedral. Constructed in 1639 by Friar Pedro de Zúñiga (along with the convent converted into a hotel) with a Leonese colonial style it is one of the city’s oldest. It’s not as vibrant as some of the others but still worth checking out.


More Churches!?

While these 5 get my pick for the list, if you’re undetermined by the heat there’s even more churches to check out!

  • Church of la Merced
  • Church of Subtiava
  • Church of Guadalupe
  • Church of Zaragoza
  • Chapel of la Asunción



  • Ask for a map – if you can’t use one online like this one ask for one to carry around at your hotel/hostel or at a tourist stand near the central plaza.
  • Due to lots of low-hanging wires, narrow streets and large structures if you plan on taking lots of photographs, bring a camera capable of wide-angle shooting.