Clouded Leopard Cubs

The Most Adorable Cats Ever?

San Diego Zoo – San Diego California

One of the things I love most about traveling (and there are many) is that I’m constantly headed into the unknown. I can prepare and research to give myself an idea of what to expect or what will happen, but something unexpected always finds a way into your plans.

When I recently visited the San Diego Zoo I had already been online checking out the animals and reading reviews.. I knew a lot about the Zoo before I arrived. I was one of the first people admitted into the park that day and just out of chance I headed in the perfect direction. Little did I know 3 month old clouded leopard cubs had just arrived a few weeks earlier and I was there at just the right time.. they were awake and playing instead of laying around and sleeping! I love animals, and big cats are some of my absolutely favorites. Clouded leopards are extremely hard to find in the wild and seeing cubs playing would be nearly impossible anywhere else. These cats are extremely beautiful and I could have spent half the day at the zoo just watching them play and stalk each other.

Hanging Out

Clouded Leopard Cub

These two young brothers were busy stalking each other, wrestling and jumping all over the place when I got to their indoor enclosure and were incredibly fun to watch. I don’t know how long the SD Zoo plans to keep them, but if you’re visiting any time soon you’d be wise to find these two adorable cubs!

Clouded Leopard Cubs

Clouded Leopard Cubs Playing

The entire day at the zoo was quite fun, but surprises like this always keep travel interesting and enriching. You can see a little more video of them at the San Diego Zoo’s blog post here.