Asia has become one of the world’s biggest financial powerhouses. Rapid economic growth combines with a large trade surplus with the rest of the world to give the continent a US$4 trillion foreign exchange reserve. The wealthy and middle classes in Asia are growing and members of these classes are looking for more and better ways to enjoy their leisure time. In recent years Singapore has expanded its casino industry to accommodate international travelers and local Asian players. 


The Republic of Singapore is an island city-state. Located at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula off the coast of southern Malaysia. Singapore is known as a “Tiger Economy.” It’s financial base has developed in leaps and bounds since its independence from Britain in 1963 thanks to a government focus on workforce and trade. 

Along with its standing as a heart of the Asian technological industry and its place as a global commerce and financial center,, Singapore also serves as a transport hub for Asia. . it hosts more International Meetings than any other location in Asia and offers excellent investment potentials. Businessmen flock to the city because it has the third-largest foreign exchange market and the second-busiest container port. 

Singapore is the perfect spot in which to locate the Asian casino industry. Singapore has maximized these elements, along with a reputation as a tax haven, to develop a thriving casino industry. There are two large casinos in Singapore along with a horse-racing track and the Singapore Pools state-run lottery. 

The lottery and horse racing options appeal mostly to local residents but the casinos attracts hundreds of thousands of gamblers every year from around the world. 

Singapore Casinos

Since the land-based casinos of Singapore opened they have been placed in the top ten casinos for gambling revenues worldwide, despite the boom in online casinos like Sixty percent of the casino clients are Singaporeans who are reputed to be the second-biggest casino spenders per adult in the world.

One of the biggest changes in recent years involves Singapore casino operators’ focus on casual gamers rather than VIP players. This change has allowed the casinos to adjust to changing environments and see profits increase.

History of Singapore Casinos

Singapore was a British Colony until 1963. The British briefly allowed gambling but banned it after a few years because it was leading to crime and gambling addictions. The Lottery and horse racing track remained active and in 2005 the government decided to invest in the development of two resort casinos in Marina South and Sentosa. 

The government came under intense criticism for the decision, specifically from the Christian and Muslim communities, for their decision. However Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his cabinet forged ahead in the belief that the casinos would boost Singapore’s tourism industry. They also wanted to encourage Singaporians to gamble at home rather than travel to the casinos in Macau, Malaysia, Australia or New Zealand   

The benefits to the government for having casinos in Singapore include the tax revenues from the casinos and the creation of jobs for locals – over the past decade the casino industry has added an estimated 35,000 jobs to the Singapore job market.  

Gambling Laws in Singapore

Gambling can generally be classified into 3 categories:

Much of casual gambling in Singapore takes place during funerals which is a traditional form of celebrating the deceased person’s life. This is known as “private gaming” and is legal.

Operating gambling centers, outside the government-licensed casinos, horse racing tracks and lotteries, is illegal in Singapore. Gambling dens, which were once common in the region, are illegal under the Common Gaming Houses Act and the Private Lotteries Act. Underground betting and any form of public betting is prohibited under the Betting Act as are jackpot machines.

Gambling is legal in Singapore at the following sites: 

  • Marina Bay Casino
  • Sentosa Casino
  • Singapore Pools Lottery
  • Singapore Turf Club Horse Racing track 

Singapore Casinos

Singapore boasts two of the world’s largest and most popular casinos. The casino resorts include a wide selection of entertainment options so everyone can enjoy their vacation as they prefer.

Marina Bay Casino

The Marina Bay Casino joins other Sands Casinos to provide casino gamers with high-quality casino entertainment and real money achievements. The Marina Bay Casino offers a 15,000 feet gaming area which is spread out over four levels for convenient playing action. 

At Marina Bay gamers have their choice of a wide range of table games, electronic games and slots. Some of the most popular table games include 7 Up Baccarat, Fortune Six No commission Baccarat, Power 98 Baccarat, Blackjack Lucky 8 and Megalink Singapore Stud Poker.  There’s also Fortune Paid Gow Poker and the unique Royal Three Pictures card game with bonus prizes.

Gamers who wish to play slots enjoy top slot machines with slots options that include Cash Cove, FA FA FA and Paiza Dragon. If you want to link your machine to the slot machines of other players you can enjoy the Dou Fu Dou Cai Progressive slots in which everyone adds a small additional deposit to their regular game and competes for the progressive jackpot prize. 

Marina Bay Singapore offers the same lucrative Rewards Program as is found at Pennsylvania, Las Vegas and Macao Sands Casinos. The Loyalty Program rewards casino patrons with extra points, Dollars, Bonus Dollars and credits on all casino activity.

The rewards dollars are applicable to shopping, dining, entertainment and hotel stays at Sands Casinos. Every time that you achieve a promotion to the next card level you’ll enjoy bigger and better rewards.

There’s also a Sands Rewards LifeStyle loyalty program that you join for free Once you join this program you can accrue Destination Points and Destination Dollars by achieving  3% of your net purchases – redeemable at over 175 shopping, dining, hotel and entertainment venues.  

Sentosa Casino

The Sentosa Casino Resort is an all-inclusive resort with multiple attractions, entertainment venues, shopping sites and more 

Gamers enjoy the Sentosa casino’s wide game selection with includes hundreds of the most dynamic and interactive casino games. Some of the top games include Pontoon Poker, Progressive Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, tai Sai and the Asian favorite Three Pictures game. 

Players who want to play slots can choose from any of the 2,400 slot machines that meet any interest or gaming taste. 

In-between games players can visit the Universal Studios Singapore, the SE.A. Aquarium, the Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island, the Trick eye Museum or the Royal Albatross Sunset Sail Attractions.  

Gamblers can look forward to a high-quality gaming event with plenty of opportunities to achieve big payouts at the Singapore Casinos.