The culture, the natural beauty, and the overall atmosphere are some of the reasons why visiting Ireland is a good idea, but that does not mean you should go to the Emerald Isle with eyes wide shut. There are a few laws you should keep in mind so you do not get in trouble while visiting.

No Alcohol Purchase After 11:30 PM

One important thing to remember about Ireland is they have strict laws regarding alcohol purchase. Pub owners can actually lose their license if they allow you to purchase alcohol after 11:30 PM.

Do not pressure the pub owner because you do not want to get this person in trouble just because you wanted a little more to drink.

No Smoking in Public Places

Smoking laws in Ireland are pretty strict as well. The law states that you cannot smoke in public places. This follows a global trend and the Irish are no exception. There are some designated smoking areas you can use to smoke without anyone troubling you, so make sure you seek those places out rather than getting in trouble.

Another option is to switch to an alternative before your arrival. The switch from tobacco to vape juice sold at and through other licensed suppliers is a popular move among former smokers. While many public smoking bans in Ireland make no distinction between vape and smoke, visitors will find it easier to get their fix without bumping up against the law.

Pets are Monitored

Many people love traveling with their pets, but there are a few things to consider when planning a trip to Ireland. The country is accommodating to pets, but you will need to make sure your pet does not have health issues that could affect Ireland’s wildlife.

You will have to get a pet passport, and you can only do this if you take certain steps, like ensuring your pet gets a rabies shot or have your pet microchipped. What you have to do to get permission to bring your pet depends on what country you are from, so check on that before you book your flight.

No Marijuana

It might sound silly to bring up marijuana but this drug is more popular than ever. More countries around the world are passing sensible laws regarding marijuana, which is making it more available to the masses than ever before.

This reality could tempt you to bring a little cannabis into Ireland. but you should definitely refrain from doing this because this drug is still illegal here. The laws are pretty strict about this drug and any other illegal substance, so just be smart.

These are just some of the laws you should keep in mind when you are in Ireland. If you are still curious or want to find out more, go ahead and talk to the authorities when you get there so you are given a little information about what you can or cannot do here.