La Kukula Lodge

La Kukula Lodge

Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica


With the Caribbean ocean, untamed forests and loads of wildlife right out the door the location of the La Kukula Lodge couldn’t possibly get any better. The lodge is far enough into the forest that you feel secluded; but it’s only a few short miles from the touristy town of Puerto Viejo. With Puerto Viejo a short bike ride away you have access to numerous dining options, shops and tour guide services.

Whether you want to enjoy the beach and the South Caribbean’s beautiful waters or you want to experience the tranquility of living among nature and wildlife the La Kukula Lodge is the perfect place to be. I came to Costa Rica to immerse myself in it’s natural wonders and La Kukula managed to blow me away!


Beautiful Eco Lodge

The the lodge’s wood design is stunning and blends well with the natural setting. I stayed at the private 2 story house with a swimming pool, kitchen, large decks and hammocks for 3 days. The teak wood design was beautiful inside and out. It was far enough from the rest of the lodge that I couldn’t hear any of the other guests. I practically had a private, luxurious house in the middle of the forest! Despite having wild critters right outside the door the interior was clean, pest free and comfortable.

Second Story Deck

Outdoor Lighting

Swimming Pool


Wildlife Everywhere!

Puerto Viejo is conveniently located near two excellent places to go hiking and seeking out wildlife – Cahuita National Park and the lesser known Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. La Kukula is situated between both; but you don’t even have to go further than your front door to spot wildlife here. Right after sunset the forest comes alive with all sorts of sounds. With a flashlight in hand I was to find more than a dozen red-eyed tree frogs just 20 feet from my room!

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

In addition to spotting all kinds of frogs, birds and monkeys there were sloths living in the trees right next to the lodge’s entrance. The owner even recorded a sloth giving birth during my stay! The hikes and wildlife seen in the nearby forests were some of the best I had during my entire 60 day visit to the country.


Sustainable & Responsible

The eco lodge was built from teak wood with minimal impact on the environment. Thoughtful design keeps the rooms ventilated and comfortably cooled without the need for air conditioning. They also use solar panels to produce needed electricity and hot water. The owner’s have done an excellent job of making a comfortable place to stay while keeping nature in mind.

I stayed at many wonderful places throughout the country and the La Kukula Lodge is hands down my favorite!


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La Kukula Lodge
Rates: $80 per night and up