Hotel El Convento

León is a growing Central American tourist destination and everyone needs a place to sleep. However this city doesn’t have countless hotels and resorts fitted to meet the standards many travelers would expect. “Luxury” hotels are in short supply while low cost hostels are dotted all across the city.


Value Luxury: Hotel El Convento


The El Convento is one of the city’s top rated hotels, and offers luxuries that are hard to come by in this not so modern city. The hotel has a long and interesting history dating all the way back to being the San Francisco Convent in 1639. With numerous hostels around this hotel is a far more expensive choice than low-budget travelers and backpackers might want to pay – but if you desire all the comforts of home you may find it a rewarding night’s stay.


Swimming Pool

El Convento has a great central location, a swimming pool, on-site restaurant and my favorite feature – a massive courtyard.


The Rooms

The room

The rooms are equipped with life saving air-conditioning, a flat screen TV and very comfortable beds. You also get a hot shower, mini-fridge, and wifi. After a few nights in a hostel the A/C alone made my room a constant source of comfort and refuge from the city’s sweltering humidity and heat.

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Budget: Hostel Colibri

Traveling on a tight budget often means cutting costs wherever possible and finding cheap accommodations are the budget traveler’s most common way of doing so. I gave hostels a try in several countries including my stop in Leon. I have to admit I much prefer the comforts of a hotel over a hostel, but Colibri is about as good as one can hope for.

My biggest gripe with hostels is the high price of a private room for a single person (you get charged for double occupancy), often costing more than a much nicer hotel room. Hostel Colibri actually offers private rooms for singles at a reasonable price of $18 US/night, or dorms for as little as $8.

The included breakfast was great as were the outdoor hammocks.

Pros – Great price, fan in room, excellent location, friendly staff (owner speaks English), hot water, free wifi, free breakfast.

Cons – No A/C.

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