Greece is a beautiful country that attracts many tourists every year. One of its most visited places is Crete. This is the biggest island in the country that offers visitors a mix of landscapes and fun things to do and  it’s super easy to get around with car hire in Chania with Rental Center Crete. Ranging from gorgeous beaches,  to thrilling nightlife and fun activities to luxury accommodation, visitors have a lot to enjoy on this beautiful island. Most luxury hotels offer Crete airport transfers for free or for a fee. If not you can use HolidayTaxis to take you where you need to go.

On the northern side of the island, you will find more tourists facilities and available transportation infrastructure, including ports and international airports.

On the other hand, the south side offers them an experience of traditional hospitality. Here is a look at some exciting places to visit in the two areas.


Northern Crete

This is the most populated area of Crete and well known to visitors. Its capital and the main entry point is Heraklion, which is also considered the most developed and commercial. Although the city life can be off-putting initially, exploring it further will reveal its hidden gems, including a big museum. If you are looking for a place with good music or to enjoy an evening, try the Malia resort.

Chania town is another town where you can have fun while in Crete. Its nightlife is on another level. Also, there is a broad variety of cosmopolitan and authentic hotels. If you plan on going for a day trip, visit the Old Town, which has some beautiful Venetian architecture. For your accommodation, you can try the Rethymnon area as it has different upscale resorts. It also hosts some traditional harbours where you can go fishing. If the weather is perfect, pay a visit to their clean and beautiful beaches that do not receive heavy traffic. The northern side has six months of beach weather every year

When you get into the interior of the southern side, you will enjoy the sight of the White Mountains. These stretch more than 2,000 metres in the western region of this island. You can take your whole family on a hike or long drives. These mountains are gentler on the east side, and at the centre, they conceal a unique basin. The basin holds the Lasithi plateau, which is lined with white windmills.


Southern Cret

This part is less developed and, therefore, the perfect area for visitors looking for beautiful landscapes and beaches. The southern part is less visited and is dotted with gorges and isolated villages and caves. If you are an adventurous person, this is the perfect place for a holiday. One of the best of Greece’s best beaches, Elefonisi, is also found here. This beach has coral-coloured sand, which makes it very desirable. You will also find some towering cliffs and sharp mountains

Do not miss the most amazing natural asset in the Southern Crete – the Samaria Gorge. You can access it by bus from Chania. While there, you can take the 15-kilometre walk on the wooden staircase. This walk will offer you some of the most incredible views that go all the way to Agia Roumeli village. The village has many restaurants, cafes and a protected bay that has wild flora and fauna

While on the southern side, make a trip to the Triopetra beach. Although it is hard to get to this beach, since it is located among thick olive groves, it makes the perfect place for a romantic getaway. This is because it offers solitude and, thus, it’s the perfect place to spend time with a loved one or practice yoga in the quiet, relaxed environment. The beach is well known for its rocky ground, striking caves and gritty sand. Watching the sunset from this beach is simply breathtaking.

If you are looking forward to having some quiet time and a semi-rural experience, consider visiting the southern side. However, the more adventurous tourists should go to the north where it is easy to find transportation, modern amenities and exciting nightlife. Regardless of which side you choose to spend your holiday in, Crete is a great place to visit and create some beautiful memories.