Belize Stilt House

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Today’s photo of the week is of a modest home in Belize. These wooden houses sitting on top of stilts are a common sight all over Belize’s islands and much of the eastern coast on the mainland. When I asked why they build on stilts I was given different answers from several different guides.

  1. The country sits barely above sea level and is hit by tropical storms and hurricanes often. The stilts keep homes from being flooded.
  2. Being raised up from ground level helps get more wind circulation and keeps the home cooler.
  3. To keep out bugs and creepy crawlies.

They all sound like good reasons to me! This was my first trip abroad and I was a little shocked to see this was how so many people lived. More than 40% of the country lives in poverty, and the average income is only around $8,400 (USD).