For many travellers, South America is a continent of mystery, a place that screams adventure, with unknown secrets ready to be explored and enjoyed. If you are planning an adventure holiday in South America, below are safety and transportation tips to help you navigate this amazing part of the world.

  • When Travelling, Always Agree To A Price In Advance Of The Journey – Whether a long taxi ride or a local bus, it should be a rule that the cost is set before commencing the journey. This eliminates the chance of the provider hiking up the price, failure to do this puts you in a situation where you have little choice but to pay the asking price. You can find details about South American adventure vacation packages online from a leading tour operator that can be found with a Google search.
  • Listen To The Locals – If a local warns you about a certain part of town, there is usually a good reason for this; you would be well-advised to heed such advice. A local would know the area much better than a stranger and people are helpful, giving advice to travellers when warranted. If, for example, a local does not recommend a specific road, there would be a good reason for this. It is a good idea to buy a Spanish-English phrase book or download Google Translate, which you can use when you need to communicate with locals. You could also book for one of those escorted tours Chile or any other South American country has, as they come with knowledgeable guides as well as transportation.
  • Don’t Let Anyone Pack Your Luggage – If you are adventure travelling, you will probably have a backpack and you should never allow anyone to access your stuff for obvious reasons. Imagine what would happen if your bag was searched and illegal drugs were found! Customs officials often carry out random checks at borders and like in other parts of the world, there are heavy penalties for drug smuggling.
  • Be Vigilant At All Times – Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your stuff is safe when you are in a hostel; some thieves are travellers, stealing the possessions of other travellers they cross paths with. It makes perfect sense to be aware of everyone, no matter who they are, as this could deter a thief. There are established Argentina guided tour operators, for example, that would ensure you and your things are safe and secure. Their tours are tailored to suit you, with English-speaking guides available.
  • Travel Insurance – This is a must, especially when travelling solo in South America; search online for cheap travel insurance and take out a suitable policy that covers all your personal possessions. Imagine losing your iPhone! At least with insurance, you can recover the cost of a new device and for the little it costs, it is always wise to take out travel insurance when going abroad.
  • Health Insurance – Hospital treatment can be very expensive in a foreign country and we recommend taking out health insurance whenever you travel abroad. You should read the terms & conditions carefully, as some extreme activities, such as renting a motorcycle might not be covered. Keep your policy documents in your passport and should you be involved in an accident; your policy will be discovered.

When travelling, you should always use your common sense and have your wits about you at all times, especially when moving around in South America. Never let your stuff out of your sight, be careful entering remote areas at night and you should enjoy a trouble-free holiday experiencing the various nations in South America.

For more details about South American tours, search Google to find established tour operators.