Saint Francis Cathedral

The Saint Francis Cathedral

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, more commonly known as the St. Francis Cathedral church.  It is located in the famous downtown Santa Fe Plaza, New Mexico. With hundreds of years of history it’s a can’t miss for many Catholics and anyone interested in history or architecture on a visit to the city. When we arrived mid-day in Santa Fe; parking wasn’t easy to find and we ended up in a parking garage directly across the street from this church.

Of the four very well known and historic churches in the city this was easily the biggest and busiest. It was quite busy and there were active prayers going on inside, to be respectful and courteous I limited my photography to the outside. I do however recommend anyone who visits enjoy the interior, it’s just as beautiful as the exterior.

St. Francis Cathedral

An adobe church was first built in 1610 by migrants from Mexico city, and later destroyed in the 1680 Pueblo Revolt.  It was rebuilt in 1714 and dedicated to Saint Francis. The structure you see today however is actually a 3rd version on the site completed in 1887. The design was supposed to include two much taller spires that were never completed for lack of funding.

Saint Francis Statue

In front of the church stands a large statue of St. Francis of Assisi, a prominent figure of the Catholic religion and whom the church is dedicated to.

Kateri Tekakwitha

Also out in front the church is a colorful statue of Kateri Tekakwitha (also known as Blessed Kateri), the first Native American in North America to be promoted to a saint.

Cathedral Basilica Saint Francis Assisi

After we walked the streets of Santa Fe we returned for our car and I got one last shot of the church as the sun was setting and all the people had left.

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