If you’re a lover of great walks then the UK will be a destination you need to visit. Growing up there I was lucky enough to be brought on many walking holidays by my parents, they were some of the best memories I have from my childhood. Due to the fact that I went on so many of these amazing holidays it’s quite tough to compile a short list of the best trails that the United Kingdom has to offer, because that list could go on forever! Below I have chosen four of my favourite walking holidays my parents took us on

Every hiker likes different trails for their own reasons, some love the rugged landscape of Snowdonia whilst some prefer the jaw dropping beauty that the Highlands in Scotland offer. So whether you’ve booked a swanky B&B in the midlands, or a last minute hotel deal in Stirling, hiking suits all travel travels. For this list I have chosen some of the most famous walks you can go on, make sure you tick these classics off your list next time you go on a hiking holiday. If you have a doubt on how to choose the right hiking gear,  find online here more.

Having a good walk in the Great British outdoors is a special experience, you get some exercise, fresh air, a clearer mind and a real sense of freedom. So without further ado, here are the top walks in the UK – remember these are ‘real’ walks so get ready for a top experience when you choose to do one of these. If you have any other favourite routes then do share them with all of us, I know it’s great when we have a discussion in the comment section about other routes.

Cleveland Way, Yorkshire

The Cleveland Way walk was created around 50 years ago, This trail is 100 miles of beautiful path, it runs from the south part of the the North York Moors all the way to Filey. When you walk this trail one of the things you’ll love is that you get to experience two different types of landscapes. In the first part of the walk from Helmsley you get to go through forests and also take in some stunning panoramic views from the Cleveland Hills. On the second part of the walk down to Filey, this part is along the coastline and you’ll be walking on some of the highest cliffs in the whole country.

Hadrian’s Wall Path, Northumberland & Cumbria

Hadrian’s Wall has to be the best ancient monument we have in the United Kingdom. If memory serves me right it was one of the first walks we went on as a family. The wall stretches for over 70 miles in the North of England. The wall got its name from the emperor who decided to build it – Hadrian. The reason for the wall being built was to keep Scotland separate from the Romans in the south. Now is has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The trail that runs by the wall is great because you get to see a lot of the ancient ruins such as, forts and settlements, plus there are a few museums as well for you to learn more about what happened here.

The section that I like the most has to be from Chollerford to Birdoswald Fort, it’s about miles between the two. It’s the best part because the views you get of the Lake District are absolutely stunning. You can do this section on a weekend with ease, that makes it easy to catch the train up on a Friday and be back in time for work on Monday. When you’re in Carvoran make sure not to miss out on the Roman Army Museum.

South West Coast Path, Cornwall

The South West Coast Path is also known as the lizard. The lizard runs from Minehead to Poole Harbour, it is a stunning walk along 600 miles of beautiful coastline. It is a such a great walk people love to enjoy it during the summer months, so expect it to get a little busy, but don’t let that put you off because you will also be able to find plenty of little coves to take a break and freshen up with a dip in the sea.

Cornwall is blessed with lots of hidden away beaches which can enjoy along the walk. Even during the busiest of times you can get lucky and have the secluded beach all to yourself. Housel Bay is one of the best beaches to head to during the summer months because it’s one of the quieter ones. To find it you will have to walk for 4 miles around the tip of the trail, after making your way around the rugged path you will come across beautiful turquoise waters and a beautiful pale sand beach. Along this stunning walk you will take in some awesome views of the sea, explore the landscape and wildflowers, if you’re lucky you may even get to see some dolphins enjoying themselves in the sea below.

The Quiraing, Isle of Skye

The wild landscapes of northern Skye is where you can find The Quiraing trail. The rock formations are beautiful to look at whilst at the same time being somewhat bizarre, this make The Quiraing a popular place for all types of people; walkers, geologists and photographers. The only way you’ll get a real understanding of the landscape and truly appreciate it is to experience it on your own two feet and walk it. The trail is not the largest, being just a short 4 mile loop, but it does include quite a bit of climbing which is great for the adventurous people out there – once you’ve put in all that effort you will be rewarded with some spectacular views.

You begin the 4 mile loop at one of two villages, either Staffin or Uig, here you’ll enjoy the stunning views of Raasay Island and Rona Island. You can do the ultimate people watching from the top because you’re able to gaze down on the people below. Once you’ve finished the walk you’ll definitely want to reenergise and warm up, after all that effort and fresh air you’ll have quite the appetite.

Have you been walking in the United Kingdom? I would really like to hear about your tips, stories and favourite walks. I think it is great when we as a travel community can share our first hand experiences with others so that they can be better prepared for their trip.