Ever since I set out on the road, I have been slowly but surely trying to tick items off my bucket list. So far I have competed around 70% of the original list, but have probably added the same amount of experiences onto said list as I have completed. One of the big ticks that I was looking for was to see Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights and last year I was fortunate enough to do just that. I always had in mind that I’d go to Norway or northern Scotland to see the lights but I decided to change course at the last minute and go to Greenland with Oceanwide Expeditions. This turned out to be a great move as the cruise that I took was spectacular, and so too was Greenland. If you haven’t been yet, here are just 5 reasons why Greenland should be on your list of places to visit.

 Inuit Culture

I have long been fascinated by the Inuit culture and the way in which they live, and survive, in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. During your trip to Greenland you can meet and learn about this tribe if you visit Thule. Not only is this one of the most northern places on the planet, during your time here you can learn about the traditions of the Inuit tribe and how they keep them alive in the modern world.

 Northern Lights

My main reason for visiting Greenland was, as aforementioned, the incredible natural spectacle that is Aurora Borealis. The reason why I chose Greenland to see them is because you can get a crystal clear view of this phenomenon, 300 nights of the year. I didn’t want to face the disappointment of visiting a country and missing the lights, or only seeing a small light show. Throughout Greenland you can see the full show, in clear conditions, for the large part of the year.

Tasermiut Fjord

Much like the Scandinavian countries which it is close to, Greenland also has some beautiful Fjords to discover, and Tasermiut is really the pick of the bunch. They call this place the big wall playground thanks to its vast array of sheer rock faces which sees climbers from all over the world come to scale the cliffs. Here you will also find kayaking trips and trekking routes, as well as some natural, thermal hot springs to warm you up in the cold conditions.

Ilulissat Icefjord

Classed as one of the world’s natural Wonders, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the place where you can see one of the fastest moving and most active glaciers on the planet. Set in west Greenland, you can join a trek that will take you right to the edge of the glacier where you can see this incredible feat of nature in action.


In order to see the very best of what Greenland has to offer, you need to jump in a kayak and glide across the clear waters as you explore. The kayak has been used by the people of Greenland for thousands of years and it has become an iconic symbol to the people and the country itself. There is a huge range of locations where you can kayak and get up close and personal with sea creatures and birds, sharp and intriguing glaciers and paddle around the rugged coastline on routes which have been used for generations.

I can’t recommend Greenland enough, and I feel like the cruise was definitely the best place to capture as much of this country as possible.