The Italians’ mentality is different in many respects, something that becomes evident in the setting up and operation of its ski resorts. Visiting its ski resorts, you will discover that a different perspective prevails from the other winter destinations in Europe. Its perfectly groomed and snow-covered slopes, combined with a general atmosphere of relaxation and leisure, are features that give Italy its distinctive identity. 


The safety of the country’s ski resorts, as well as their economical prices, make it an ideal destination for families looking for pleasant moments in the snow, without the other costly activities that significantly reduce their overall budget. Among the dozens of ski resorts that can be found on Italy’s snow-capped mountains, which ones do we recommend as the most suitable, to spend a memorable winter vacation?


Alta Badia

In the centre of the vast area of ​​Dolomiti Superski, lies the Alta Badia resort which has under its “protection” six pictorial villages that can accommodate visitors, offering them a massive range of options. The vast length of the resort, which extends to 130 km of continuous ski runs, can be a strategic point for you to explore the rest of the Dolomiti Superski area.


The Alta Badia slopes’ connection with its surrounding villages is made through demanding routes that will test the most experienced skiers’ skills, with the most famous black route, being the La Villa’s descent. Of course, in this endless area of 130 kilometers, there are countless routes off the track, aimed at all those who seek an increased dose of adventure, even beginners of skiing. Also, Alta Badia is included in some walking Italy tours that can be combined with your skiing trip. 


But we can not forget to mention the excellent food that one can eat visiting one of the resort’s renowned restaurants. From award-winning and top-notch gourmet dishes to delicious and quality wines that will excite your senses, food at Alta Badia is one of the main reasons to visit this resort.



If your priority is sport and wellness, then the famous spa area, called Bormio, is a one-way street for you. A resort where relaxation and sports are combined to offer guests a refreshing experience. 


You can try to cross with your skis the longest vertical fall route in the country at this resort – a unique experience that every experienced skier will surely enjoy. Exploring the main ski area in Bormio, one could get lost among its countless snowy slopes, its small hotels and its cosy and welcoming coffee bars. This idyllic setting adds the dense vegetation of the tree-lined slopes that ideally frame this wonderful ski park.


Bormio is a ski resort aimed at intermediate level skiers, with the majority of its trails being red runs (medium difficulty). For those looking for off-piste routes, you’ll be slightly distressed, but in general skiing in this area is pleasant, safe and accessible to all visitors. However, apart from the ski slopes, Bormio is decorated with various palace buildings and churches and chapels, giving it a vivid taste of the past. This vague past sense, combined with the resort’s modern nightlife creates an irresistible combination. 


A destination that balances the old with the new but also sports with wellness should definitely be on the lists of all skiers everywhere. Now with Erna Low company, you can book complete vacation packages in the Bormio area, without worrying about the actions of your stay at the resort and all your other activities. Just focus on enjoying your winter vacation, and the rest will be taken care of by them.



When you share the highest ski area in Europe – along with the Swiss mountain top of Zermatt of course – then you are sure to be one of the most distinguished winter destinations. The resort of Cervinia, which is located at a considerable altitude, has slopes and trails aimed at middle-class skiers, such as Bormio. Because of the altitude level, the ski slopes are located above the forest line of the area and are divided into two main areas: the ridge of Theodulpass and the plateau of Rosa. A point that could be described as a “crossroads” because several peaks such as Valtournenche and Zermatt meet in this exact spot. What also makes your visit to Cervinia special are its dozens of fantastic pubs. Chock-full of smiling people and intense energy, these are the places that will keep you busy for much of the daytime during your stay there.