Toronto is a massive city full of a huge selection of awesome teams and people.  From the Toronto Raptors, which have been shooting hoops for almost thirty years, to the Toronto Maple Leafs, which pull in a crowd from all over the world: these teams know what they’re doing.

These are the top sports teams in Toronto, and why they’re drawing such a huge crowd in 2022.

Why Sports Matter in Toronto

Toronto is a city that’s like none other.  It is the biggest city in Canada, but it’s also the most diverse city on Earth.  Because of this, it has a reputation for changing its personality every few years: nobody can predict what Toronto will be like next.  The only thing that holds through these shifts is the sports teams it loves and cheers for.  

These teams are the one unifying factor and are why so many people are excited to visit Toronto and watch them perform.  Check out these teams and consider going to a game!

The Toronto Raptors

Basketball is a huge sport in Toronto, and because of this: the Toronto Raptors are the biggest team in the city.  This awesome group of players won a championship in 2019 and continues to stun.  With incredible coaching by Nick Nurse, they can navigate the court as a real team and pull off plays you wouldn’t see from anyone else.  

The Toronto Maple Leafs

It’s no surprise that hockey is high on the list of sports here!  The Toronto Maple Leafs are a team that has gained international acclaim by winning over 13 Stanley cups in the first fifty years they were hosted.  Since then, they’ve had a dry streak: but their fans are still wild about them.  This team is coached by Sheldon Keefe, with the players working well under his guidance to score time and time again.  Although they haven’t won a Stanley Cup in almost sixty years, their energy and passion are hard to take your eyes off of. 

The Toronto Blue Jays

Baseball is a classic sport anyone can get behind, and the Toronto Blue Jays are easy to root for.  This Major League Baseball team is part of the American League East division and has won two World Series championships.  Although they’re tough on the field and extremely impressive, they’ve been struggling to make a comeback in recent years, and it’s easy to cheer for them as you watch them improve.

The Toronto FC

If you love soccer, the Toronto Football Club has you covered!  This team has played Major League Soccer for the last sixteen years and stuns game after game.  The excellent team communication and high speed of players like Michael Bradley continue to stun fans and inspire tons to think about buying houses for sale in Toronto just so they can see them play more often.  

It’s Not Hard to Find Someone to Cheer For in Toronto

Toronto is an incredible city that holds a lot of skill and talent, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to some of the most incredible teams on Earth.  Consider getting to know these awesome teams and their players, and you’ll never want to root for anyone else!