If you are someone who likes their travel to be as spontaneous as possible then filling your backpack with some essentials and traveling light might be something you are entirely comfortable with.

Even if you have an adventurous spirit and travel regularly there are still a few safety precautions that are essential for your security and personal health and there are some apps to have on your smartphone to help you achieve that aim.


Traveling in a digital age

The world feels a smaller place thanks to the internet and technology but each part of the planet has its own unique characteristics, which are great to explore, especially if you take advantage of a few well-chosen apps to have at your disposal.

For example, all you have to do now to check on local weather conditions at your intended destination is click on an app and get real-time data to help you plan ahead rather than find out when you arrive.

You might also take for granted how useful an app like Google Maps can be when you go exploring. The days of buying a local map and wandering around aimlessly are long gone, now you can put a zip code or street name into a search and get walking directions for almost any location in the world.


Making public transport easier to use

If you are backpacking and want to get around to multiple destinations as easily as possible you will be making use of local transport networks to get to where you want to be.

Using an app like Momondo and others like it makes the task a whole lot easier as you can search for the cheapest train and airfares, allowing you to plot a route that doesn’t bust your budget.


Access useful local insights

If you arrive in a new area it can be hard to work out where the best restaurants might be or which places are worth visiting nearby.

If you have an app like Foursquare on your phone it can provide you with some useful local intel on the best places to eat and local cultural highlights that are worth putting on your agenda.

Another useful feature of this app is that it often provides the WiFi code for the place in the reviews, which can be a big help if you want to get online and save your roaming charges as soon as you get inside.

You might also want to download WiFox, as this app provides a map of wireless passwords from airports and lounges in different parts of the world, which is again a great timesaver if you want to get online as quickly while you are waiting for a flight.


Getting to grips with the currency

Another useful app that helps you avoid getting ripped off with exchange rates is XE Currency.

Nothing complicated about the app but that’s the appeal, as it quickly converts the local currency to see if you are being fleeced for a beer or getting a raw deal when swapping your cash for some local money.

If you are traveling light it won’t take any space downloading these apps but they can definitely add something to your travel experience.