Virgil's Corner Bed & Breakfast - Tombstone, AZ

After a long day of mingling with outlaws in Tombstone’s saloons and touring the Allen Street boardwalk you’ll needed a place to kick-off the boots and relax. Perhaps the best place to do that in all of Tombstone is at Virgil’s Corner. Virgil’s Corner isn’t just any hotel, it’s the perfect spot stay engrossed in Tombstone’s wild west theme. Decorated to match historic feel with antiques and western decor you’ll easily imagine yourself back in the late 1800’s.


A Historic Location

Virgil’s is a quiet bed & breakfast hotel located just down the street from all the action in Tombstone; so you won’t have to worry about noise or any standoffs between lawmen and rowdy outlaws!

It also has an authentic history, the bed and breakfast is built on land once owned by Wyatt Earp’s brother Virgil (hence it’s name). After the original house burned down in 1998 it was rebuilt in 2008 and opened as a B&B. That means you can check in and get a night’s sleep on ground that’s part of the legendary Earp family history.


The Rooms

Tombstone might be the town too tough to die but you don’t have to rough it here. The rooms come with all the modern amenities travelers desire including wifi internet, satellite TV, air conditioning and hot water. With just 4 guest suites it’s quiet and uncrowded. Each of the suites is uniquely decorated and comes with its own name. I stayed in Morgan and Lou’s room which had two beds, an antique desk & chairs, and a TV.


However my favorite part of the entire B&B experience was the amazing bathroom. I walked in to see a huge clawfoot tub! It was my first time ever getting to try one out and I loved it! The water here is hot instantly on demand and that tub was an amazing way to unwind before bed. With no detail too small, even the towels are custom embroidered.


Clawfoot Tub


Amenities & Decor

The main room is well furnished, a perfect spot to meet other guests and socialize before heading out. Don’t leave in the morning without eating, included in the price of admission is a real home cooked breakfast. The hostess is a great cook and conservationist, happy to share history and advice on what to see and do around town.

Virgil's Corner B&B


That’s A Wrap!

Virgil’s Corner is currently the #1 rated B&B in Tombstone. In case there’s no availability on your visit two alternatives worth checking out are the Tombstone Bordello and T. Millers Hotel.

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Virgil’s Corner Bed & Breakfast
Rates: $98 – $140
Phone: 520-548-1025