Not sure where your next vacation destination will be? Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula grants access to palm lined tropical beaches, Mayan history, and countless natural wonders that make it a great choice for relaxed, stress-free holidays combined with limitless activities and adventures. Check out these 10 reasons the Yucatan makes a great holiday destination!

1. Beautiful Sandy Beaches


The Yucatan Peninsula cuts through the Caribbean ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and has countless picture perfect beaches that are ready for enjoyment. Whether you like to spend your time on a crowded beach with restaurants, water sports, and lots of sunbathers or a quiet deserted stretch of sand all to yourself the Yucatan has it.

2. Ancient Mayan Ruins

Chichen Itza

Some of the Mayan world’s most famous ruins are scattered about the Yucatan – Tulum, Chichen Itza, Coba and Ek Balam are all popular tourist spots. Chichen Itza is actually one of the seven wonders of the world, and it’s easy to book a sunrise tour there with these guys and visit from Cancun.

3. Swim with Sea Turtles


Head to Akumal Beach where you can swim with sea turtles year round. They congregate in shallow water to feed on sea grass and are easily spotted by snorkelers in the clear, warm waters.

4. Refreshing Cenotes


There’s an estimated 7,000+ cenotes in the Yucatan – these limestone sinkholes make excellent natural swimming holes. If you need a break from all the saltwater these cenotes have crystal clear fresh water and are cooler in temperature.

5. Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks

Every year from May through September the Yucatan’s coastal waters welcome the largest known migration of Whale Sharks in the world. They come here to feed and swimming beside them is one of the biggest rushes you’ll ever have!

6. Excellent Scuba Diving


There’s a great variety of scuba diving here – large colorful reefs, shark diving, shipwrecks and cave diving are all incredible experiences you can have in Mexico’s warm waters. With lots of choices and budget friendly packages it’s become one of the most popular diving destinations in the world.

7. Magical Cities


If water and nature isn’t your thing the unique cities are sure to impress. From the tiny yellow city of Izamal to the colonial streets and fortresses of Campeche you can get off the beaten tourist path and indulge in authentic Mexican culture, history and cuisines.

8. Tequila Tasting at a Distillery

Tequila Distillery

Take a tour of a traditional Mayapan agave farm and distillery to learn how tequila is made. Don’t forget to sample the large variety of freshly made tequilas.

9. Drink Mezcal & Party All Night

Night Life

Playa Del Carmen is home to a wild night life scene and if you like to party this is the place to do! There are numerous clubs playing all varieties of music well into the late hours of the night. Tequila’s lesser known cousin mezcal is widely served and fun to try.

10. It’s Safe!

Mexico has been widely viewed as a dangerous country to visit due to the drug war violence. However the Yucatan has remained a safe haven for tourists. During 6 months of living there and multiple visits to the region over the years I’ve never once felt in any danger.

The Yucatan region offers cheap holidays and an incredibly wide variety of resorts, activities (like Rio Secreto) and cuisines for all those who come to experience it.