Are you a dentist or dental practitioner of some kind and you’re looking to improve and develop your practice? Your practice – that is to say your actual office – is an integral part of your business and the way it’s presented can make or break your whole business. After all, no one wants to come into a run down dental office that looks like it burst through time alongside the Delorean. Here are some great ways you can improve your dental practice development.

Get Feedback

Getting feedback from clients, other dentists and friends/family can be the perfect starting point for you to get ideas about what to change, how to change it and where you’re doing a great job in terms of practice management and what can be changed. Another great source of feedback is through employees such as hygienists, other dental staff and of course your receptionist(s). Don’t underestimate the value of your colleagues’ opinions – after all, they have to work there everyday, so they have valuable insights.

Look At What Others Are Doing

Take a look at what other dentists in the area, further afield and even abroad are doing. What are their office layouts like? What about decor, colour schemes and little add ons? Some dental surgeries find that the addition of impressive fish tanks adds a real ambience to the surgery while others have metallic hints along their walls, desks, and frosted glass wall separators to give the whole office a modern look.


Speaking of modern – consider upgrading tools, carpeting, mirrors, chairs and of course – payment and record-keeping systems. The best dental practices are those with modern fixtures, tools and systems throughout so that the whole space is user-friendly for staff and clients with a fresh, clean and modern touch. Having the latest scheduling systems can work too for bigger practices to help keep track of who is working and when.

Utilisation of technology also includes getting your practice a strong online presence. Advertising and having an online booking facility will not only improve customer relations, but it will also spread the word and help your practice grow. Alternatively, if you are already online, but not getting the results you expected, you could implement dental seo – PatientNow. This will help because at the end of the day, the more traffic to your site, the more opportunities you have to convince someone to book an appointment.

So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business for a while, these tips on improving your dental practice should help give you a couple of ideas so you can create the best practice in the area, resulting in more clients and happier mouths all around. How do you think your practice will benefit from an upgrade or two? Whether it’s a coat of paint or a full overhaul, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!