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Adventure travel is what I’m all about! Whether I’m hiking up an active volcano, hopping in the ocean with the world’s largest marine life, or canoeing deep into a cave overseas I’m always excited about the next adventure! It’s time to get wild! These are my adventure travel stories and maybe some ideas for things to do on your future travels.


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A Guide to Visiting Europe’s Largest Active Volcano – Mount Etna

Volcanoes are perhaps the supreme example of Nature’s power and I’m not alone in being utterly fascinated by them.  Mount Etna is one of the most recognisable and most famous active volcanoes on the planet and it’s one that I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can...

Are You Looking For An Inspiring Outdoor Adventure? Go Rafting!

Have you ever been rafting? This is the ultimate thrill of being outdoors! After all, you are going through waters that can be calm one minute and rough the next! There are many places around the United States (and the globe) that offer rafting of various kinds, such...

My Guide To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing city that everyone should visit if they get the chance. Not only does it have an interesting history as a former British territory, but it has some amazing things to do, see and eat. I thought I would talk a little bit more about Hong Kong and...

Hiking an Active Volcano in Guatemala

Hiking an Active Volcano in Guatemala

It’s my first day in Guatemala and after an hour of hiking I already find myself questioning the sanity of the activity I’m participating in. I’m on the side of the most active volcano in Guatemala; hey, what could go wrong.. it’s only a volcano right!?